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Secrets for Skating Faster


Feet should be shoulder width apart for balance and stability

Knees flexed forward over your toes

Try to achieve about a 45 degree angle between your thigh, knee and shin

Head up, body bent forward at the waist, elbows in close to your body

Arms can alternate swinging straight ahead but not side to side as this will slow you down

Skates angled outward at least 45 degrees to the direction you are skating

Use the inside edge of both skate blades alternately to push backward from the ball of your foot

Push to the full extension of your leg

Recover by bringing the pushing skate back low to the ice and to the starting position


The first 3 strides are extremely important to build up speed

Stroke left, stroke right, stroke left in short strides pushing backward then lengthen out your stride during strokes 4, 5, 6 ...

When skating after the initial 3 stroke start, the angle of the blades are reduced to almost parallel to the direction you are going


In a hockey game you do not skate full out for the entire shift

Hockey is a game of sprints and glides

If you watch a game live, or on TV you will see what I mean

Sprint while carrying the puck, breaking into the open for a pass, trying to cover a player when backchecking

Glide during other parts of the shift

Skating speed in hockey changes with different game situations


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