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Shoot to Score Smart Phone Tool

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Coaches and Players use Hockey Made Easy's 
Shoot to Score "
to turn your Smart Phone
into a hockey coaching tool


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This tool is readable with your IPad and Smart telephones
on their Internet Browsers

WebMaster Joe Lor talks to Author John Shorey about the
"Shoot to Score" App.

Shoot to Score

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A Real Game Changer

Produced by nationally acclaimed web designer Joe Lor and hockey author John Shorey. "Shoot to Score" is a must-have for coaches of boys and girls 5 - 12 years of age playing youth and minor hockey. This digital tool is invaluable for minor youth hockey  coaches and kids in house league hockey, to "AAA"  Rep teams because it works.

"Shoot to Score" is available on your Smart Phone Web Browser application. After you order this tool the web address is sent to your computer within minutes and all you have to do is type in the address into your phone browser. We process your order from anywhere in the world within minutes.

What Does this Tool do?

Shoot to Score provides coaches and players the opportunity to have a visual system which they can use during games and practices on their smart phones and tablets  which will provide white board descriptions on how and from where on the ice to shoot and score goals.

With the use of your Smart Phone you can access 50 + different white board diagrams on how to successfully score goals .

You  can  find  out  how  to Score Goals  by:

  Shooting The Puck Yourself

  Passing The Puck To An Open

  Going To Front Of The Net

  Using wrap Around Shots

  What to do on a

  Shooting From The Point

  Much, much more Scoring Plays   

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