Hockey Made EasyHockey Training manuals for boys and girls age 5 to 12 years
Hockey Made Easy
Hockey Made Easy
Hockey Made Easy
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This 2018 - 2019 season Coaches Team Instruction Bundle for up to 20 team members $99.95 about $5.00 per team member... .... ... Review and revised 2018 - 2019 all four manuals revised and updated...

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Girls & Boys 5 - 12 years old
Learn how to Play Hockey

Hockey Made Easy
is a set of youth and minor hockey training and coaching manuals 
in .pdf format ... 
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What the "Hockey Made Easy Bundle"can do?

Purchasing, reading and executing what tips are given in the bundle will solve problems such as:

Not scoring enough goals

forecheck correctly, recover puck, create 2 on 1, get goalie out of position,
pass to open man in scoring position, shoot, screen, tip or deflect shots, score...

 Giving up too many goals

back check correctly, keep shooter to outside of rink, set up defensive positional play,
cover high goal scoring positions such as front of net, slot area and points...

Power play sputtering

control puck entering offensive zone, create 2 on 1, screen goalie, feed open points
or slot, take high percentage shot, go to net, recover any rebounds, shoot, score...

Penalty kill imploding

use defensive box or rotating triangle, maintain positional play, don’t run around,
take away direct shooting lane and shots to net, block shots, clear rebounds, ice puck...

Outlet passes being turned over

take up clearing play positions, make sure one of your 4 receivers is open for pass,
give quick accurate pass to open receiver, exit defensive zone as a unit...

Forchecking ineffective

use 2-1-2 forechecking system, take man off puck, create loose puck, recover puck,
create 2 on 1 situation in offensive zone, shoot, score...

 Backchecking system unsucessful

use 1-2-2 backchecking system, cover wide winger, defencemen play
Puck carrier outside blue line, forwards cover players back to goal line,
then cover slot and points, recover any loose puck and exit zone...

Not enough practise time

book gym or large hall for off ice practice, explain then demonstrate skills and systems,
have team meetings to discuss strategies and pros and cons of current team play...

Coaching time management

if you don’t have enough time, use assistant and guest coaches at practice, try station to stationskill development drills, assign reading specific sections of “Hockey Made Easy” at home...

Communication issues

explain skills and drills in a simple non confusing manner, demonstrate then practice,
let players ask questions, have open two way discussions with coaches and players...

By the purchase of the bundle consisting of 4 book manuals, one video and the 80 tips - you can find solutions to these and other coaching issues.

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Gary Suter “The book Hockey Made Easy is great for all ages"

Former NHL
‘Rookie of the Year’
and Stanley Cup Winner

Gary Suter


“Great Book!”

Assistant Coach and former Captain of Stanley Cup Champion
 Montreal Canadiens

Kirk Muller



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